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Mountains Malbec and Men

  • Allyn Thompson thrives by setting and accomplishing goals. Engineering degree? Check. Own home? Check. Husband? Check and uncheck. Baby? In progress. After another negative pregnancy test following her last IUI (intrauterine insemination) round, Allyn questions if the universe agrees she’s unfit for motherhood: her mom discouraged pregnancy throughout her life, her ex-husband said she’d be a horrible mom, and even her ex-boyfriend refused to be her donor. Allyn spirals not knowing if she should pursue IVF or abandon motherhood.


    Allyn's therapist challenges her to identify the root source as to why she wants a baby and also encourages her to pursue a bucket list trek in Peru - Cordillera Huayhuash. Allyn plunges into trip preparations, hiking familiar and new trails, where she’s confronted with an uncertain, crowded, and increasingly polarized America. Despite her doubts, she commits to pursue IVF following her hike trip. And then Allyn’s ex-boyfriend declares he wants to rekindle their relationship and father her child. It’s what she originally wanted, so why isn’t she excited?

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