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  • Control the VEIL, control the world.


    In the near future, the VEIL renders democratic governments obsolete. The Council controls the largest technology network, and they have deemed it compulsory to have the VEIL, an ocular bio-tech implant installed at birth. 


    But not everyone agrees with what has become of the VEIL. Samantha flees The Council’s network, harboring a secret. A pregnant Ramsey doesn’t want her unborn child VEILed. Her husband has her committed for re-programming. A young Emilie removes her VEIL, a crime, and is recruited to join Verdade—an organization whose mission is to destroy the monopoly the VEIL has on human life. Severed from VEILed society, these three women must contend with how to survive in a world that eradicates free thought.

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